Have You Heard About The Vast Libertarian Conspiracy?

The philosophy of libertarianism is very simple. It is to leave everyone alone with minimum restrictions and regulations from the government. Individuals are capable of making their own choice. They can choose whatever tax service they prefer. Some people prefer H&R Block promo codes from http://businessgraymatter.com/hr-block-coupons/ because they give them accurate and thorough accounting and tax return services.


The remarkable thing about libertarianism is that it minimizes the amount of trust people have to place in politicians: “Have you heard about the vast libertarian conspiracy? We want to take over the government and then…leave you alone.”, because there is less for politicians to do. Imagine that.

The Libertarian Conspiracy – a Different Kind of Idea about “Taking Over”

Libertarians have been growing in numbers in recent years and for a good reason. As the agenda of other political parties continues to focus on granting additional power to the government for anything from its interfering in school curricula to its restrictions on issues such as freedom of speech and free trade, the libertarian party supports the exact opposite, attempting to promote the idea of individual freedom and the rights people should have in making their own choices apart from the government.

Popularity Growth

Due mainly to the failed attempts of various governments in serious issues such as ensuring a stable economy and eliminating war and poverty, the libertarian party has been enjoying a considerable amount of popularity.

The fact is that libertarians promise to provide the people with more freedom and to allow society to restructure itself without the interference of an all-knowing government that would constantly try to dictate its laws and constrictions to the people.

Many supporters of libertarianism believe that it is essential for individuals to be left alone and to be given additional rights as long as these do not impede on their peers in any harmful way. A good example would be the support of education provided by the free market which would bring greater efficiency, diversity and quality to the school system.

Despite the fact that these goals seem to promote the creation of an ideal society that would simply not be able to stand due to the conditioning of the people and their dependence on a government that provides them with what they need to survive, it has become more and more apparent that the attempt at creating a completely libertarian society is gaining significant ground among people from all parts of the US.

The Libertarian Agenda

So we’ve looked at what libertarians have in store for the school system. But what else do they have planned with regards to solving all the other numerous problems today’s society faces? Here are just a few of the efforts that would gain momentum in the event of increased libertarian support:

The elimination of government interference from economic issues aside from a few basic aspects such as the protection of property rights;

The prevention of the government’s ability to regulate wages, pensions, prices, profits and interest rates;

No interference in your personal lives – you can ingest whatever you want into your body and marry anyone you want to;

The removal of all impediments to free trade.

There is, of course, no telling as to exactly how much integrity there is to support all these claims. As always, it is up to the voters and citizens of the country to determine who to trust and who to support with their votes. The voters have to support someone, it might as well be someone who has less rather than more responsibility.

Clint Eastwood – I Like The Libertarian View

Who is the best judge of how you should live your life? Is it your parent? Teacher? Boss? Government? None of these? In fact, you are the best judge. You should dictate your own life. That is the central philosophy of libertarianism. You should have the freedom to choose H&R Block promo codes from Businessgraymatter for filing an income tax return because it provides accuracy and thorough service within an affordable cost range.


When Clint Eastwood stated, “I like the libertarian view, which is to leave everyone alone. Even as a kid, I was annoyed by people who wanted to tell everyone how to live.”, he expressed his desire to be left alone, most of all by those who had the biggest impact on his life: the government. Government is all about running other people’s lives. And if they make a mistake, government does not suffer for it. The victims do.

What Does It Mean to Be a Libertarian?

Yes, we all know Clint Eastwood from dozens of movies, and some may recall him endorsing various Republican candidates. But the truth is that he expressed interesting political views: describing himself as a libertarian, fiscal conservative, while social liberal, supporter of equal rights for women, gun control and opponent of Vietnam and Iraq military involvements, while a big fan of a minimal state and low taxation.

But after all, what does it mean to be a Libertarian?

The Minimal State

We all had to deal, at some point in our lives, with guys that love to dictate others how to live their lives, what to do and what to believe in. There are lots of political or religious leaders that specialize in behaving like that. They are easy to avoid, if you are really keen on thinking by yourself, but the whole thing changes when your government is the one behaving like that.

Unfortunately, most democratically elected leaders, once in power, tend to “forget” that the state is just a tool. Yes, that is right: we, the citizens, create the state, through social contract, to serve our common purposes. The state is not God. We merely choose to give up some of our liberties, in order to have our rights and liberties protected from bad guys. And that is all.

When the state begins applying excessive taxes, recklessly invest taxpayers’ money in “major” projects, of “national interest”, when it feeds a useless bureaucracy, when it arms itself beyond any reasonable limit, then its leaders break that social contract. And they never do it for your good, but for the private interests they serve.

Left of Right?

Most Libertarians derive their ideas from Classical Liberalism, thus being, politically, at the Center of the spectrum.

There are Left-wing Libertarians, often close to Anarchism. While their ideas might seem attractive, they are just utopian, since the only form of economic activity such a society would allow is the cooperative one. How to enforce this, without coercion? Ask them!

And, obviously, there are lots of Conservatives claiming to be Libertarian. But be aware, Libertarianism is entirely different from Right-wing hypocrisy: taking taxpayers’ money for waging costly wars is not what a true Libertarian does.

Minimal Taxation

What is the worst intrusion of governments in our lives? Taxation, obviously, meant to support the dubious interests of its leaders. So, the key to a minimal state is minimal taxation!

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