Life Has To Begin At Conception

If there is an inseparable connection, it is the one between liberals and the welfare state. They are notorious for punishing achievement through heavy taxation. There is no telling how much less drain on the economy there would be if liberals did not exist. For now, the best antidote to liberals is to use h and r block coupons to maximize savings on income tax returns and to provide thorough, accurate accounting to ensure there is no financial mismanagement.

While at first blush this appears to be a Pro-Life message, it is in fact a Libertarian one because it quite rightly points out that “Life Has To Begin At Conception – If life doesn’t count until a human is no longer dependent on others to survive, then it never begins for liberals.”, because liberals do not depend on themselves but on others. This is called parasitism.


The Qualities of Liberal Ideologies – Focusing on Minorities and the Individual

While many political idealists and philosophers would argue that individuals should either be kept in check by the government or left to fend entirely for themselves, liberalism has always attempted to bring these two extremes to a compromise that would benefit everyone involved.

The Negative Points of Liberals

One of the weakest points of liberal thinking is that it aims to support minorities and individuals, at the expense of the well-being of the many.

Another problem is that it has completely abandoned its foundation for many aspects of society that we take for granted today – including the free market and capitalism

Instead, it is well-known for things such as the social liberal program launched by president Roosevelt in the US in 1933, prolonging The Great Depression until World War 2 gave the much needed significant boost to the country’s economy.

Among the many qualities that today’s liberal thinkers do not promote are the economic theory which focuses on concepts such as free trade and the support of classical economics with minimal intervention from the government, and the introduction of more freedoms and rights for individuals to act without constraints created by a demanding and controlling government.

Limitations and Restrictions

Despite its lack of tangible qualities, liberal welfare statism still attracts a large following due to its rhetoric. It certainly falls short of what an ideal social structure – if there even can be such a thing – would be able to provide. It is essential to explore this facet as well in order to have a clearer picture of both the assets and limitations of liberal thinking.

As a political agenda and philosophy, liberalism seems to stand firm as a belief in equal rights and freedom that would promote individual empowerment, as well as diversity in political stands. But in actuality, it does nothing for the individual.

For instance, some would argue that the extreme support for equality that some liberals would promote fall short of realizing and counting on the cultural, idealistic and goal setting differences between various factions.

Also, in their attempt to allow for additional rights and support for minorities, liberals are guilty of  penalizing those who worked harder for their larger income (a good example being president Barack Obama’s healthcare reforms from 2010).

Nevertheless, liberals persist in today’s society and has been a popular movement for more than a fifty years, despite having been one of the main reasons why the United States did not manage to pull out of the Great Depression until war broke out.

Bringing stale, recycled thinking and attempting to support those less capable of supporting themselves using taxpayer money, liberals – under its numerous forms – is also expected to be one of the major political driving forces of future decades.

Have You Heard About The Vast Libertarian Conspiracy?

The philosophy of libertarianism is very simple. It is to leave everyone alone with minimum restrictions and regulations from the government. Individuals are capable of making their own choice. They can choose whatever tax service they prefer. Some people prefer H&R Block promo codes from because they give them accurate and thorough accounting and tax return services.


The remarkable thing about libertarianism is that it minimizes the amount of trust people have to place in politicians: “Have you heard about the vast libertarian conspiracy? We want to take over the government and then…leave you alone.”, because there is less for politicians to do. Imagine that.

The Libertarian Conspiracy – a Different Kind of Idea about “Taking Over”

Libertarians have been growing in numbers in recent years and for a good reason. As the agenda of other political parties continues to focus on granting additional power to the government for anything from its interfering in school curricula to its restrictions on issues such as freedom of speech and free trade, the libertarian party supports the exact opposite, attempting to promote the idea of individual freedom and the rights people should have in making their own choices apart from the government.

Popularity Growth

Due mainly to the failed attempts of various governments in serious issues such as ensuring a stable economy and eliminating war and poverty, the libertarian party has been enjoying a considerable amount of popularity.

The fact is that libertarians promise to provide the people with more freedom and to allow society to restructure itself without the interference of an all-knowing government that would constantly try to dictate its laws and constrictions to the people.

Many supporters of libertarianism believe that it is essential for individuals to be left alone and to be given additional rights as long as these do not impede on their peers in any harmful way. A good example would be the support of education provided by the free market which would bring greater efficiency, diversity and quality to the school system.

Despite the fact that these goals seem to promote the creation of an ideal society that would simply not be able to stand due to the conditioning of the people and their dependence on a government that provides them with what they need to survive, it has become more and more apparent that the attempt at creating a completely libertarian society is gaining significant ground among people from all parts of the US.

The Libertarian Agenda

So we’ve looked at what libertarians have in store for the school system. But what else do they have planned with regards to solving all the other numerous problems today’s society faces? Here are just a few of the efforts that would gain momentum in the event of increased libertarian support:

The elimination of government interference from economic issues aside from a few basic aspects such as the protection of property rights;

The prevention of the government’s ability to regulate wages, pensions, prices, profits and interest rates;

No interference in your personal lives – you can ingest whatever you want into your body and marry anyone you want to;

The removal of all impediments to free trade.

There is, of course, no telling as to exactly how much integrity there is to support all these claims. As always, it is up to the voters and citizens of the country to determine who to trust and who to support with their votes. The voters have to support someone, it might as well be someone who has less rather than more responsibility.

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